All About Memory Foam Mattress


This is a memory foam mattress doctors led a busy life for us to order today! Most of us are tired, stressed, at the end of the day, you need to sleep well at night, recover and feel totally relaxed, ready for the next day. This is a visco elastic memory foam mattress really helps.

What is a memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane, and increase their level of viscosity of other chemicals. This increases its density level. Bubble, and is no longer cold and warm temperate business characteristics. According to the different density memory foam on human thermal response and the same mold in the shape of the body within minutes. low-density memory foam mattress to mold the shape of the body quickly.

It was originally developed for the NASA space program, the material of memory foam is a comfort for the compression can expose your body weight and temperature. When the pressure is removed, the material of a few seconds to recover his form. A viscoelastic polyurethane foam mattress can be of different density levels, according to chemical use.

Besides being known as memory foam, these materials are sensitive to temperature are also known as memory foam mattress, foam to reduce pressure, the slow recovery of the slow release of bubbles and foam.

Why is a compression memory foam mattress?

viscoelastic memory foam mattress in weight, the application of cell deformation. When compression, memory foam cells transferred to adjacent cells, the air pressure. Therefore, the pressure is evenly distributed memory foam to reduce the portion of the compression feels the pressure.

Like a memory foam mattress spring What's the difference?

The compression spring traditional mattress, but spring back to its original shape immediately. When weight is applied to a traditional spring mattress, it has the same delaying effect on the body. This will create pressure points that cause discomfort and pain. On the other hand, compress the memory foam mattress also vulnerable to temperature and body weight. As the pressure evenly covered, a mold is formed around the body, reducing pressure points.

The fundamental difference is that the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause daytime sleepiness. memory foam mattress was a night of rest and relaxation and adequate means of awakening in the morning completely renovated.




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